Nairobi and the coast have a wide selection of bars, nightclubs, cinemas, casinos and live music venues. Much musical entertainment is performed in hotels where traditional dance programmes are staged for tourists, and there are live bands and discos.

Bars and clubs

Kenyans themselves love to party and in Nairobi and Mombasa there are some raucous nightclubs, some of which can hold thousands of people. Prostitutes abound in many, and these girls aren't shy - it doesn't take much to work out what the term 'the Nairobi handshake' comes from! These places are fun and a real eye opener, but it is best to visit in a group and always take a taxi. Less visited areas tend to have more basic establishments, but even the smallest town will usually have a bar - the exception being Lamu, which is strongly Muslim and has few places to buy an alcoholic drink.


Modern cinema complexes can be found in Nairobi and Mombasa show up-to-date Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Music and dance

Displays of dancing are put on for the tourists all over the country including the
Bomas of Kenya
just outside Nairobi and many of the beach resorts and safari lodges. The best known are the
dances. Traditional Kenyan music is most likely to be performed by the drummers of
and the

Congolese music
) is extremely popular and the type you are most likely to hear on
, in the streets, in bars and clubs, in fact anywhere and everywhere. Many of the more upmarket discos and clubs play Western or reggae music.

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