Ins and outs

Getting around

Travel in Upper Egypt, at present, is fairly straightforward. With no terrorist attacks since 1997, there is little to worry about. Nonetheless, outside of the 'bubble' of Aswan, local authorities desire foreigners travelling overland to move in convoys when venturing between the major sights. As such, accompanying a tour (which is sometimes just a ride) is often the easiest and most hassle-free way to go. There are many options, catering to both piaster-pinching backpackers as well as tourists with more resources . However, if you are few in number and take a chance boarding buses and trains, the benefits of not arriving at a temple with hundreds of other tourists makes the extra effort worthwhile. There is no problem getting out of smaller towns on microbuses (such as Kom Ombo, Edfu, and so on), problems only arise when leaving the major tourist destinations of Aswan or Luxor.

Best time to visit

Most people visit the area between October and March, and around Christmas in particular. There is a running joke in Aswan, 'we have the best weather in the world ... in the winter.' And it's true. In December, temperatures average a lovely 30°C. Come July, though, they rise to a scorching 40°C. Be prepared.

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