Sohag to Dendara

A small agricultural and university west bank town, 97 km south of Assiut along the Nile, Sohag has a large Coptic community among its 220,000 population. Although it has a few minor sites it is not geared toward tourists (who will be escorted by police in town and on all excursions) but it does have the advantage of being relatively close to the beautiful temple at Abydos and within a half-day journey from Dendara. Bear in mind, though, that it's possible to visit both these sites on a day trip from Luxor. On the east bank of the Nile, across from Sohag proper, is the village of Akhmim where a towering statue of the ancient queen Meryut Amun was uncovered in 1981. A pleasant half-day trip can be made to the nearby Red and White monasteries, where exceptional paintings are being restored in the apse of the Red Monastery. Sohag itself is not an appealing city, nor particularly friendly.

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