Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt is like no other place. She mystifies and confounds. She awes and aggravates. She humbles and horrifies. Travellers have been coming to Egypt for 3000 years to witness the magnificent temples and tombs. The Nile is the central vein, splitting the land unevenly into two vast sprawls of rugged desert. The sharp contrast between travel in the lush, green, Nile-side land and the harsh, arid desert shocks in its abruptness. In the desert the silence more invasive than the strangely comforting cacophony of cities like Cairo and Alexandria. Use our Egypt travel guide to choose the best places to explore.

Egypt Travel Guide Highlights
Egypt travel guide: Cairo, Egypt, Photo by Helena Amor
Minarets, museums and markets, plus the electrifying energy of 17 million people, make up Africa's largest city.
Egypt travel guide: Alexandria, Egypt, photo by Baloncici
Enjoy great seafood, Roman remains, quirky bars and a flourishing cultural scene in this ancient city.
Egypt travel guide: Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, photo by Siogio
Pyramids of Giza
The world's oldest and greatest tourist attraction.
Egypt travel guide: Abdyos, Egypt, Photo by melissadbishop101
The most beautiful and finely carved reliefs in Egypt adorn the walls of Seti I's magnificent temple.
Egypt travel guide: Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt, Photo by Martin Strmiska
Ras Mohammed National Park
Where the land is barren and the water an explosion of colour; a scuba diver's dream.
Egypt travel guide: St Catherine monastery, Egypt, Photo by Julia161
St Catherine
Visit this fabled monastery and climb Mount Sinai.
Egypt travel guide: Dahabiya Nile cruises, Egypt, photo by Jose Ignacio Soto
Dahabiya cruises
The most luxurious and elegant way to travel between the ancient monuments that dot the riverbank.
Egypt travel guide: El-Quseir, Egypt, Photo by Istomina Olena
Daytime swimming and snorkelling is followed by an evening of sheesha on the beach in this sleepy coastal village.
Egypt travel guide: Luxor's West Bank, Egypt, photo by Bkaiser
Luxor's West Bank
Marvel at the Theban Necropolis and crumbling temples nestled in the mountainside.
Egypt travel guide: White Desert, Egypt, Photo by Janthon Jackson
White Desert
Watch the sun rise through eerie wind-sculpted white rock formations.
Egypt travel guide: Abu Simbel, Egypt, photo by Edwardje
Abu Simbel
The Sun Temple of Ramses the Great looks out over the vast Lake Nasser where crocodiles lurk.
Egypt travel guide: Siwa Oasis, Egypt, Photo by Cristian Tzecu
Siwa Oasis
Boutique hotels, ancient ruins, Berber culture and the silence of the Great Sand Sea.

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