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Take your kids travelling! Take them now! Children grow up fast and you’ll never find a better, more rewarding opportunity to enrich their lives, minds and souls – or yours – than during a family holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you skive off work and take them for a day-trip to the seaside or rent out the house and embark on a three-month expedition across Asia. From bucket-and-spade to epic escapade, family holidays create memories that will live with you long after your children have grown up. They provide quality time away from the rush and stress of everyday life; they are precious, hard-earned and over all-too-quickly. Yes, they can also be pricey and hard work – and occasionally they might not go to plan. But they are always money well spent, and even the bad bits inspire priceless family jokes in years to come. So, ignore all those miserable types who pour scorn on this indispensable part of life – whose blinkered, joyless view of family holidays never sees beyond travel sickness, stroppy teenagers or how parents could possibly enjoy themselves without banishing the children to a crèche or kids’ club 12 hours a day. 

Travelling with kids is about making compromises to meet everyone’s needs. It’s about sharing and bonding as a family unit. It’s the immeasurable pleasure and satisfaction of showing your children just how amazing the world is; of seeing their faces light up at things you might otherwise have taken for granted. Family holidays allow you to take stock of life and appreciate what’s really important. So seize them. Travel with your kids. Do it this year and every year you can.

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