Travel Photography

It is very easy with travel photography to be blown away by what you are seeing that all creativity goes out the window; you raise your camera and 'snap'. You end up with a purely representational photograph that is identical to so many others. If you have tremendous luck, or unlimited time, then all the elements may come together for a picture: the light will be perfect, the subject laid out before you without a tourist coach in sight. All you will have to do is take your camera, snap and a get a masterpiece.

Unfortunately that seldom happens. As a photographer, you can't have perfect luck all of the time and you certainly never have unlimited time. You have to make your own luck with skill and hard work. It is always possible to take a great photo - no matter what the conditions. It might not be the photo that you set out to take or a photo that you would see on a postcard rack but that unique picture is out there. All you have to do is create it. Travel photography is a way of life - so be inspired and get out there and record the world for yourself.

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Travel Photography

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