Diving Southeast Asia


In a world covered in water, is it realistic to wonder if any one diving region stands head and shoulders above all others? Personal opinions are always just that, but ask enough people, spreading the net far and wide, and the answer adds up to Southeast Asia.

This part of the world reaches the top of most divers hit-lists for one simple reason. It lies at the heart of the Coral Triangle. Scientific studies conducted across this region have confirmed it is the global centre of marine biodiversity. There are over 600 reef-building coral species and more than 3,000 species of reef fish, with more being discovered every day – or so it seems. 


From wrecks and caves to rainbow-coloured reefs, the authors have explored Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Covering shallow dives on easily accessible reefs where novices go to train all the way up to incredibly remote destinations that attract serious divers, Diving Southeast Asia is an inspiring and all-encompassing mix of diving and travel.  

Features: Essential travel and country facts; regional dive brief; extensive dive site descriptions and location maps; extended country coverage; author and contributor opinions; marine species features; ideas for drying out days. Full colour photography throughout.

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