There is no doubt about it – scuba diving is an addiction. Try it just once and be amazed, try it again, and it will work its way into your subconscious. Before you know it, you have a list of must-see marine creatures and must-dive destinations that you simply have to fulfil.


Every diver dreams of waking at dawn to stare down at the sea, aware that beneath the surface is a whole new realm but never quite knowing exactly what is down there. That’s the thing about diving, you just never do know. You can’t possibly predict that at lunchtime you will be looking deep into the eyes of a curious grey reef shark or that, a day later you will be watching a tiny boxer crab warn you off with its miniscule anemone boxing gloves. Find yourself sharing the reef with a Disneyesque clownfish; swim with an endangered green turtle; hover beneath the wings of a giant Pacific manta ray. Diving memories that remain as vivid as the day they happened. 


Yet, as much as all that, scuba diving is an excuse to explore some of the planet’s least discovered places, far away from the normal tourist routes, where the only other people you see are those you came with.

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